By taking advantage of our extensive services, you can open opportunities for your patients by increasing access to quality ancillary care while concurrently saving on healthcare costs.

Molecular Testing

A collection of techniques used to analyse biological markers in the genome and proteome—the individual’s genetic code and how their cells express their genes as proteins—by applying molecular biology to medical testing.

Hereditary Cancer Testing

When it comes to screening for hereditary cancer syndromes, being able to provide more pertinent information to your patients about their cancer risk is important to their understanding and ability to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Helps physicians target treatment and medications to patient’s genetics. Studies have shown that incorporating genetic factors into the prescribing process can help improve efficacy and reduce adverse effects.

Rapid Respiratory Testing

The most sensitive respiratory viral panel test available based on an independent study of 300 specimens comparing molecular respiratory virus panels

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) involves a simple blood screening that analyzes that DNA (it’s called cell-free DNA, or cfDNA) to pinpoint baby’s risk for a number of genetic disorders, including down syndrome.

Allergy Testing

A non-invasive test and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) provides a safe and cost effective allergy solution that treats the cause of allergies, thus eliminating symptoms. By utilizing SLIT, a therapy established in the early 1900’s,

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